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Mass Data is a truly exceptional woman and minority-owned business that brings together an extraordinary team of senior consultants with deep expertise in deploying, supporting, and training Thales customers. They are dedicated to helping you get the most out of your data security investments.

Unlike other providers, Mass Data offers a comprehensive integrated solution that revolutionizes the status quo approach. While other providers disappear after deploying the product, Mass Data provides a seamless experience that allows security products to be deployed expertly and in adherence to all best practices. This is critical because no security product can meet expectations and provide the desired protections if it isn’t deployed correctly.

Mass Data’s thorough planning process is unmatched, ensuring your team implements your security products correctly from the start. Their comprehensive plan insures this, helping you get it right the first time, and providing you with the best practices and tribal knowledge about how to best use your products.

Most vendors’ product support organizations focus only on fixing product defects and not advising you on best practices. In contrast, Mass Data fills this gap by supporting you through the entire deployment process. Their focused training on how to implement products with the best practices in mind helps your security team stay current and deal with employee turnover.

Security products are not a set-it-and-forget-it proposition. You need to be aware of upgrades, security vulnerabilities, bugs, product failures, and monitoring. Mass Data advises you on these issues and keeps them from impacting your security posture.

Ultimately, Mass Data is a one-stop-shop that provides white-glove services to tackle the most pressing data security challenges, such as securing communications, data centers, corporate offices, and the edge. They are a reseller, services, support, and training provider that works together with Thales and other premier vendor solutions to enhance your organization’s and your vendors’ capabilities. With their flexible, comprehensive solution, Mass Data makes your security product investment more effective and reliable than ever before. Trust Mass Data to help you safeguard your most valuable assets with unparalleled expertise and service.


Our Approach to Data Security & Access Control

In today’s Digital Age, the emergence of advanced technologies such as the Cloud, Cryptocurrency, and the Internet of Things has made the task of securing our data increasingly complex. As a result, protecting our data has become more challenging, requiring us to secure a larger surface area than ever before.

At Mass Data Trust Inc., we understand the complexity of data security and are dedicated to helping CIOs, CTOs, and CISOs overcome these challenges. Our goal is to build safe, secure, and sovereign systems for businesses that protect their valuable data.

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